Charles Karino
Chāruzu Karino
Charles Karino 987

Mr Pilot / Seagull


18 July


Chise Karino (mother) Fana del Moral (protector of)


Height: 5'10

Eye Colour: Blue

Hair colour: Black

Blood Type: O


Holy Levamme Empire


Levamme Air Force


Mercenary pilot


Airman First Class


Santa Cruz

Iris V

Voiced by

Ryunosuke Kamiki


Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta

Charles Karino (狩乃 シャルル, Karino Sharuru?) is a mercenary pilot of the Levamme Air Force. He is a bestado, a mixed-blood child of a Levamme and an Amatsukami native, and as a result he is subject to racist discrimination from h

is speriors.

  • Despite being of mixed heritage and therefore detested by many of his superiors and other soldiers, Charles does have a few friends who stand by him. Charles believes that in the skies, caste, race, nor social status become trivial, prompting him to take up a career as a pilot.

Appearance Edit

  • Charles is relatively tall male with short, fuzzy black hair. He wears a military uniform consisting off a scarf, jacket, gloves and goggles. His jacket has a wide variety of pockets and consists of several badges.
  • He has navy blue eyes that give of a relaxed appearance to his face.
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As a child Edit

  • As a child, Charles had the same black, fuzzy hair and navy blue eyes. He wore an outfit consisting of a small, lime green hat, a small scarf, a torn, red jacket and oversized trousers.


Personality Edit

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Aircraft Edit

  • Giphy
    The Santa Cruz is one of the fastest Lavamme aircraft available, being a modified Naval reconnaissance aircraft. In comparison to the standard Amatsukami fighter, the Shinden, the Santa Cruaz lacks the top speed and maneuverability, but Charles’ skill is more than enough to compensate for the differences in performance.

It is also believed that Charles was the pilot of "The Seagull" in Toaru Hikuushi e no Koiuta.


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Quotes Edit

"I want to be free. I want to be free, in the sky. That's all I wish for."

." I love flying in the sky. Your social status doesn't matter up here. You're free."

."Because it's a mission to save someone. Because It isn't the usual job of killing someone. Just once, I want to do a job I can be proud of."


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