Maestra flying with La Guardias.

The Masestra is a prototype fighter plane, created for the Aerial Knights (Sky Knights) as their replacement to their current aircraft, The La Guardia


Following the Isla Expedition, the Balsteros Nation began to consider evolving it's avation following the enounter with the Sky Clan. After witnessing the power of the fixed wing monoplanes, the republic began to make prototypes.

Meastra Iris V

The Maestra flying along the Iris V.

With assistance from the Holy Levamme Empire, who had their own monoplanes , the Maestra was formed.

One prototype was given to Kal-el Albus as a gift from Admiral Luis. He used this aircraft to lead the Balsteros Republic and the Holy Levamme Empire to the Sky Clan to retrieve Claire Cruz.


Compared to the El Halon, the Maestra has a much stronger airframe. The design is a single pilot aircraft, rather than the El Halcon's twin-seated craft.

This aircraft has some things in common with it's predecessor, such as the hydrogen battery stack, though it's a more powerful one. Top speed of the Maestra is doubled of the El Halcon, at 700 kmph.

The Maestra is a single-engine aircraft, with the Machina-Deo engine, which is more powerful than the it's predecessor's trainer variant.


It's has onboard armaments. Compared to the El Halcon, the aircraft has weaponry that's control by the pilot. Two foward wing machine guns are equipped in the Maestra.


  • The aircraft design is probably inspired by a few World War Two aircraft.
    • The Curtiss P-36 Hawk for it's fuselage and cockpit design.
    • The Grumman F4F Wildcat for the same reason above
    • The Kawasaki Ki-61 Hien for it's rudder and tail design.
    • The Focke-Wulf FW-190 matches it's performance


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